Sunday Confessions

12 July, 2015

Regret // There was very much a part of me that was feeling like I made a HUGE mistake this week in taking on this new job. I'm stepping into a role that isn't really welcome by some of my new coworkers and boy oh boy has one of them let me know it. I know I just need to get over the hump of learning a new job (with NO training materials), but its been rough.

Truth About Running // Last week, on National Truth Day, Allie over at Running on Peanut Butter wrote about how she didn't really want to run a half marathon and it was like a lightbulb went off in my head. Heres the deal: I really like to run, but I'm not fast, I still need walk breaks and I really DON'T want to run a race. Ever. In fact, I realized my running program went to shit the same day I started training for a half marathon this fall. So instead of working on my distance, I'm going back to working on just enjoying the run.

Sunday Confessions

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