Getting Back on Track

01 July, 2015

First of the month!

The perfect time to get back on track!

Ever since taking a break from my Monday Mileage posts, there have been no miles.  AT ALL. It's been really frustrating.  I've had zero motivation to strap on my running shoes. And my walks with Bandit have been more like a quiet, leisurely stroll through the neighborhood; certainly not something that could be considered a "cardio workout".

But it's time to set the excuses aside (of which there have been many!) and get back to what I know I am capable of.

In the next couple of weeks, I'll be joining a new gym (more on that Friday!) to add to my Cross Fit classes. I'm hoping to get in three days at the new gym and 2 sessions of Cross Fit each week. Weekends will be my free days to whatever OR will be a make-up if I miss one during the week. Five days seems like a lot of action, but it's doable. Shoot.....last summer it was seven days so this should be a walk in the park!

Wish me luck!

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