Fitness Woes

10 July, 2015


It's been quite a couple of weeks. And the whole "Hey....I'm going to TOTALLY get back on track with my workouts" totally didn't happen.

Last week was my last week at my previous job. And holy wow was it emotionally draining. The details aren't terribly important, but let's just say my leaving didn't go quite like I thought it would. The whole thing made me want to crawl into bed and just sleep the week away.

And this was/is my first week at my new job and exhausted don't even begin to describe it. First there is the schedule change. Having to be awake and functioning between 6:30 and 7:00am isn't exactly something I am used to. And just plain 'ole having to learn a new job.......yeah. Exhausted.

Combine those two things and trying to complete all my homework for school and it's safe to say working out was the easiest thing to cut out. Which is sad.

The only upside this week has been that my eating has kind of been under control. Once I fell off the running bandwagon, all my bad eating habits came creeping back. But this week, was better. I've been packing lunches, making sure I have plenty of water and tea to drink throughout the day and have managed to stick pretty close to my intermittent fasting window.

But next week will be better! I'm penciling in my Cross Fit sessions like meetings to keep myself on track and have a bold goal of trying to get at least a small workout in before work (that 4:30am alarm is going to be brutal).

We'll see how it goes. The good thing is though is that it can't be worse than this week!

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