Sunday Confessions: The Chronicles of Dating Edition

07 June, 2015

I've been unbelievably sick the last week (still sound like a dude) which put any and all post writing on hold.

Rather than skip everything completely, I'm just combining them!

Worried for Nothing // Welp. It just goes to show that sometimes we worry about thing for nothing! Last week I was all freaked about that I was potentially going on date with 3 different guys. I ended up going on 2 of the 3 dates which in itself was kind of bizarre. Especially when Guy #2 was texting me about our upcoming date when I was with Guy #1. It was awkward.

Best. Date. Ever. // Regardless of whether or not I continue to see the guy (I'm going on record though to say I would really, really, REALLY like to continue to see this guy), I had the best time on my date with Guy #2 last week. He was incredibly nice, funny, extremely easy to talk to, good looking (my internal monologue totally failed when I saw him. I will forever be grateful he was too far away to hear me say "Ooooooh damn" when I first saw him) and just seems like a genuinely good person.

For our first date, we went to dinner and then he took me on a motorcycle ride, which has been deemed "A seriously romantic first date!" by friends and coworkers. It was pretty incredible and one of the most fun nights out I have had in a long time.

On Hold // I have one more post kind of written up for the Chronicles of Dating series and it may be the last one for awhile. Optimism is currently high right now.

Sunday Confessions

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