I Signed Up for What?!

19 June, 2015

I cannot believe I am typing the next sentence......

I've signed up for CrossFit.


A couple weeks ago my friend Sarah asked if I'd be interested in trying out CrossFit with her. She'd never done it before, but was looking for something other than working out at the gym we have at work. Because lets be honest, sweating next to people you work with isn't always that fun.

I declined joining her first because I had a date and then because I was wicked sick. She went without me and said she was hooked after the first class.

But this week I joined her for one of the classes just to try it out. Who doesn't love a free fitness class?

Upon walking into "the box", we were immediately greeted by a yellow lab, chocolate lab and another dog that looked like a fluffy oreo cookie, followed by one of the coaches who was equally as nice and welcoming.

In fact, everyone who was there was extremely nice and welcoming.

There were only 3 of us at this particular class (is that even what they are called?!). Me, Sarah and one other guy who had a jump start on that days workout session. So really, with 2 coaches there, it was like Sarah and I each had our own trainer. And it was AWESOME.

We did the warm-up, which was a workout in itself (140 sit-ups, I mean COME ON!) before doing some stuff with weights. Because it was my first time there, it was mostly instruction to make sure I didn't injury myself. Thankfully, I had a pretty good base knowledge from my time with Drew, but it was nice to have a refresher.

We started with deadlifts. I had done them before, but because of the limited selection of weights at the gym I go to, I maxed out at a 50lb hand weight. But last night, my final lift was 105lbs! IT. WAS. AWESOME.

Next we moved onto a LOT of squats. Because it was my first time there, I just did air squats. But did a ridiculous number of them. I lost track after I hit 50.

I know it was only one session, but I can see how people getting hooked on this stuff. Besides being completely accessibly and customizable, it was great having a team of instructors who knew what they were doing and were able to push you just a bit outside of your comfort zone, but not too much.

I am SO looking forward to going back and getting in another good workout. 

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