Sunday Confessions

31 May, 2015

Freaked Out // If you follow me on Twitter, you may have read that in a weeks time, I will have had THREE dates with THREE different guys. And I am freaking the eff out about it. At the time of hitting PUBLISH on this post, only one of the dates will have taken place with 2 more to follow.  I don't know how people do this. How to they not totally mess it all up by not being able to keep track of who is who and what you said to who and oiy vey may I not call someone the wrong name!

Tuesday // So I have this thing happening Tuesday morning that I can't really talk about in full detail, but if it works out, it would be AWESOME.

Bad Blogger // Not only have I been TERRIBLE at keeping up with my own writing, I've also been terrible at keeping up with what everyone else has been writing. I feel like this happens just before every summer, my calendar blows up and I fall behind on way too many things. 

Sunday Confessions

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