Sunday Confessions

10 May, 2015

Giddy // I feel so ridiculous even admitting this, but you know that fun, giddy feeling you get when you meet someone new? Yeah. Grinning like a damn fool. Which is weird because I feel like I was JUST HERE but with someone else.

Slacker // I have started but not finished more posts that I can to admit to. It just seems like I come up with an idea, kind of work it out and then get distracted. Someday I'll actually get through typing up an entire post!

Thrones // I've done my best, but I just don't understand the fascination with Game of Thrones. Like, at all! I'm about halfway through the first season and think I may just throw in the towel.

Countdown // Is it weird that I have a countdown happening until my next appointment at the spa. An 80 minutes massage followed by a facial. When I did get so fancy?!

Sunday Confessions

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