Monday Mileage: April Recap

04 May, 2015

April was a pretty good month. I know when I look at things week to week they can seem a little less than awesome, but when I look at the month as a whole, I'm pretty happy with my numbers. I'm a little "behind" in terms of logging enough miles each week to hit my yearly goal, but I'm working on it!

This month I had some pretty good runs. I've totally ditched the treadmill and am logging on my miles in the great outdoors to include ALL THE HILLS. I don't totally love them yet and there are still some walk breaks in there, but it's progress!

This week was kind of weird. I had a work event right smack dab in the middle of everything that threw things off a bit, but I'm getting used to getting myself up in the mornings and heading out for a run before work. It's makes think a little more hectic, but I love watching the sun come up over the hills. It's a great time of the day to be out!

Monday: 2 mile walk with Bandit
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 3 mile run, 0.5 mile walk with Bandit
Friday: Off
Saturday: 2 mile walk/run with Bandit
Sunday: 3 mile run, 1.3 mile walk with Bandit

Weekly Totals: 12 miles (6 miles running, 6 miles walking)

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