Chronicles of Dating: The Duds

23 May, 2015

This post should not be confused to the one about The Dude.

Oh no. Today we shall revisit some of the more memorable "interactions" I've had with dudes thanks to the whole online dating thing.

AR // The sequence of messages went a little something like this, all from him because I didn't have time to respond to respond to anything he sent:
  • Hey there! I'm A.
  • Wanna just text? Here's my number.
  • Guess not. :/
All three of the messages were literally sent within 15 minutes of each other.

Big M // There was so much potential with this guy! Lots in common. He was funny. A love of big dopey dogs. But the minute I mentioned I was an Michigan State fan (by default of ALL my friends being State fans) it all feel apart. I'm totally cool if you don't like the same sports team that I do and I'm good with a little smack talk, but DO NOT start spewing rude, ridiculous comments about another team. If you can't respect something as trivial as that, I'm not sure I'm willing to trust you on some of the bigger things. Picky? Maybe. But seriously. Don't be a dick.

Harley // Of all the messages that have left me thinking "Huh?", this is a favorite. The only thing the message said was, "I'd like to take you for a ride." I mean, I'm sure he was referring to the motorcycle in his profile picture and not something else.

Novelist // O.k. I get it. Putting a little effort into a message is appreciated, but there does have to be a limit to the amount of information shared within first said message. I finally had to stop scrolling because it just went on and on and on.

Mr. Clean // Seriously. This guy could TOTALLY be the new spokesperson! Spitting image I tell you! But getting anything out of him after "Hey, how's it going?" was like pulling teeth. Even when HE initiated the conversation.

Needless to say, this whole process has been slightly underwhelming. Honestly, I'm not out looking for "the one". I feel like if he's out there, we'll find each other. But I guess I figured there'd at least be some interesting conversations to be had. Which I am, for the most part, still trying to find.

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