Chronicles of Dating: The Dude

13 May, 2015

Greetings dear readers.

It's time for the good stuff!

The dudes. The guys. The potential suitors.

Because really that's all anyone wants to know about, right? Right.

As I mentioned in the last post, I switched from one online dating site to another. The first site was almost a complete bust in that apparently my idea match is someone who is unemployed, over the age of 40 and likes dead animals. But there was one bright spot before bailing on the site, I actually met someone! As much as I'd like to tell you that it all worked out in the end, it didn't BUT again, sometimes the lessons we learn are totally worth the experience.

To protect the innocent, I'll be giving each of the gentleman a new name. They may or may not make sense, I can't guarantee anything!

The Dude

On paper, it seemed like my friends set up a profile of my "perfect guy". Photography, sports, craft beer, movies, tv shows, it all matched. It seemed "too good to be true" but I took a chance and sent him a message. That first day, we spent a solid two hours messaging back and forth, getting to know one another. It was fantastic and made me realize this whole process wasn't quite as stressful as I though it would be.

Over the next week or so we chatted every couple of days, getting to know one another when, on a whim, I asked if he'd like to meet for drink. I was beginning to feel like if it didn't happen soon, it would never happen (I had a vacation coming up and the he was going on vacation), so I asked. To say I was shocked when he said yes would be an understatement. I had braced myself for a 'no'. I never even considered a 'yes' (weird, I know!).

After hashing out some details, it was decided we'd meet the next day after work at one of the local breweries.

The night we met was really bizarre. I was so unbelievably nervous I ended up being crazy early and he ended up getting out of work late. I spent some quality time at the bar with my nose in my phone, feverishly texting friends, asking them to make sure I didn't bail on the whole evening. But when he finally arrived and we take down at our table for drinks, it felt like we had known each other for than and just a few weeks online.

The conversation flowed really easily. There were a lot of laughs. We compared stories about our tattoos, talked about photography, The Walking Dead, our jobs, families, favorite places to travel. And when I looked at my watch after what only seemed like a few minutes, nearly 3 hours had past since we sat down.

It was by far one of the best nights out I had had in a long time.

At the end of the night, we exchanged numbers before parting ways. Over the next couple of weeks, we stayed somewhat in touch but alas it was not meant to be. When I suggested a second outing he pretty much disappeared.

But that is OK!

Yes, I was disappointed that it didn't work out. He seemed like a super cool guy and enjoyed hanging out with him. And now that I'm away from it, it does seem kind of obvious that he wasn't totally into it. But it did give me the confidence boost I needed. And showed me  that this whole online dating thing isn't quite as scary as I thought it would be. But the best part....I could in fact head out on a date and not make a complete fool of myself.  That right there is the win of this whole experience!

Until next time!

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