Sunday Confessions

19 April, 2015

Criminal Minds // I have recently rediscovered my love for a one Dr. Spencer Reid and SSA Derek Morgan and am binge watching my way through the 9 seasons available on Netflix. I had forgotten how delightfully weird some of the episodes can be and how much I love psychology.

Skinny // I'm sure there are a lot of really great bloggers and blogs that I am missing out on, but if the word Skinny shows up in the titles of said blog, it's not going onto my "to read" list. I'm sure they are lovely people and have a lot of great things to say and it is admittedly not fair, but I just can't bring myself to do it. There is too much wrapped up in that word for me right now and it's not positive.

Dudes // Whoever said "ladies are confusing!" never tried to navigate the world of Dudes or in my case specifically just The Dude (he's really into movies so I thought it would be kind of appropriate to refer to him as such), but I think I've come to the conclusion that it was a one-and-done kind of thing, which I am beginning to not think I am o.k. with, but am instead kind of sad about it. 

Sunday Confessions

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