Sunday Confession

05 April, 2015

Becky mentioned not too long ago about doing this "series" on her blog again and I was reminded how much I enjoyed it myself.

So, I'm bringing it back!

Photographically Missing //  I was reminded this week when I did some headshots for work just how much I missed getting out there with my camera. Now that the weather is supposedly supposed to be getting nicer out, it's time to start getting out there with and maybe, MAYBE, starting some kind of photo project.

Self Love // It's pretty impressive how quickly ones opinion of themselves can change when someone new accepts you into their life. Kind of a vague notion, but I hope to expound on it more very soon. I will say I wish I was able to get to this place on my own, but hopefully we'll get there someday.

70/30  // Every week I tell myself that I am going to get "back on track" with eating healthy and getting in my workouts. And every week I fall short. I feel like a failure and can see the progress I've made slipping away. It's frustrating, extremely frustrating. But I need to figure it out because I don't like feeling this way. So, I'm taking a new approach, giving myself the weekends off from the  focusing so much on what I eat. Saturday and Sunday are typically the days I get my big workouts in, so I'm giving myself those days off from following all the food rules to a t. I'm leaving that to the work week. We'll see how it goes. If it even makes me feel the slightest bit better, I'll take it.

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