(S)he Said What?! v2

08 April, 2015

I mentioned to my coworkers the other day about having this be a regular series here on the blog and their response was, "Do you really have enough stuff to share?".

And sadly, the answer is yes. Yes, I do have enough stuff to share. And believe me when I say I wish I didn't. But, sometimes you have to find a way to laugh at the ridiculous things people say. Otherwise, it will drive you nuts.

So, without further adieu, it is time for the next installment of this series!

Do you feel skinny?
Well, didn't really skinny was a feeling like happy or sad or perplexed from being asked this question.

What will you do when you gain the weight back?
Umm.....that's something I hadn't considered, mostly because this wasn't just a simple change like going from being blonde to a redhead. This was a major lifestyle change and it has been enough of a change that I don't really think about it anymore.

Sup, Slim Shady!
That's apparently my new nickname. Slim Shady.'re lookin' skinny in your jeans!
This whole interaction was just plain weird. Especially because of who said it to me. And if I could tell you who that person was you'd totally understand, but since I can't just take my word for it. It. Was. Weird. And in front of nearly 250 people. Awkward.  

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