Monday Mileage

27 April, 2015

Getting myself on a schedule has been far more difficult than I thought it would be. Part of my problem is that work has been awful. Like, my stress level has been ridiculously high, making even the thought of running or working out less than appealing.

But I'm doing some things to change that and I'm hoping that keeping to a schedule will help ease some of the stress.

Overall, while there wasn't a lot of running, there was still a lot of walking AND I did strength training on two days! That is a big time win for me right there.

Monday: Strength Training
Tuesday: 1.7 mile walk
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: 2.2 mile walk, strength training
Friday: Off
Saturday: 2.3 mile run, 1.5 mile walk
Sunday: 1.8 mile walk

Weekly Totals:  9.5 miles ( 2.3 miles running,  7.2 miles walking)

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