Lookback: March '15

03 April, 2015

Anyone else blink and feel like March was gone? Or was that just me.


I feel like 2015 is zipping by at an unheard of pace!

March wasn't the most exciting of months. Especially here on the 'ole blog.

But thats o.k. Some months will be wordier than others.

I talked a little bit about one of my biggest struggles this month in my post, Lost. It's a weird thing having to adjust to who you are rather than who you used to be. I am definitely realizing that my perception of things, including myself, has changed drastically. And for me that seems weird. But I'm working on it.

My "running" for the month of March was pretty non-existent. But at least there was walking. So that's good. I'm hoping to get back on track this month. And as long as my foot doesn't give me any trouble that shouldn't be a problem. Regardless, here are the numbers for March:

Running: 19 miles
Walking: 14 miles
Total Miles: 33 miles

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