Chronicles of Dating: The Attempted Set Ups

23 April, 2015

I think I spent more time trying to come up with a title for this series than I did writing this actual post.

I think I've got a title that is o.k.: Chronicles of Dating.

I do, however, reserve the right to change my mind at any time.

I thought about diving right in with the whole online dating thing, but decided to start with the whole "matchmaking" thing first. I previously mentioned that I was hesitant about actually asking my friends about playing matchmaker. Which I still am based on past experience. When it's been "suggested" in the past, it was far from successful and by successful (maybe one day I'll share the story of a friend trying to set me up with a guy who went on to murder, yes murder, his next girlfriend), I mean even moving to a first date.

Previously, I have had three friends decide that they know a guy to fix me up with. Each guy is supposedly "perfect" for me yet all three of them couldn't be more different from one another. Two of them are fellas that I know as acquaintances, the third I have never met but have heard many great things about.

Fella #1: This guy is an artist. Seriously. A working artist who is actually pretty good at what he does. Mostly metalwork and sculptures, but I believe he's also done some woodwork as well. Some of his pieces are featured in local breweries and restaurants, so what he does is "hip and cool". He's also quite outdoors (winter sports mostly), travels, enjoys a good craft beer, listening to NPR and is generally pretty eclectic.

The friend who tried setting me up with this guy told me at the end of relaying the VERY long story of how she approached the idea of playing matchmaker with him, to him, said, "Well, if he ever does call you to meet for coffee, you won't have to tell him much about  yourself. I pretty much told him everything." Riiiiiight. 

Needless to say, he never called.

Fella #2: I know the least about this person, other than he's very nice. Everyone I know who knows him likes him. Easy to talk to. Laid back. Great friend. There has been, what I would call, a "hard campaign" to make this one happen, but I've declined each time. Why? Because of my job. I can't really go into the "why" of it, but it's a big fat no.

Fella #3: The wildcard of the group. This guy is friends with the husband of one of my best friends. All I know about his is that he's a "super nice guy" and a BIG Detroit Tigers fan. Obviously, the love of baseball gives this guy a leg up on the other two, but we've never met. Apparently, each time my friends have had a group gathering in which we were both to have attended, for one reason or another one of us hasn't been able to make it. So it's basically a big time fall all around on this one. 

I am very appreciative of my friends giving the whole matchmaking thing a try even if none of it has worked out. Until they manage to conjure up Mr. Right, I'll continue to try this whole "online thing" and see if I have any luck. 

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