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28 March, 2015

Oil Pulling // So. This is a thing. That people do. And people love for the benefits is provides. Riiiiight. I lasted all of 2 minutes before I wanted to gag.

Sidelined // Saw the doctor. Talked about the foot. Have to refrain from running for awhile.  I'm all kinds of bummed but I'd rather it be healthy and strong than really mess things up. So I'll follow his orders to a T and hope for the best!

Spring // Even though spring is technically here, it's still wicked cold. At least it looks nice.

Bandito // When I adopted Bandit, the shelter cautioned me on his "behavior problems" when it comes to dogs. He doesn't exactly play well with others (turns into Cujo around small dogs) so it's been kind of tough walking him, leaving him in the yard by himself, etc. But we've had a breakthrough! I went to check on him this morning (he was outside while I showered, got ready for the day) he was actually playing.....PLAYING......with another dog. It was so amazing to watch. And gives me hope that this big tub of love with get to have some friends.

Laziness // Since injuring my foot, I've not really done anything even remotely close  to being active and I'm starting to feel it. I feel gross and tired. And am getting to get back to doing something....anything to start feeling better.

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