Monday Mileage

09 March, 2015

I am not exactly sure what happened this week.

One minute it was here, the next it was totally gone.

I took more days off than I had anticipated, but it actually ended up being a good thing. My back and knee have been a bit sore from my fall the previous week, so I was happy to give them each a break.

My only real run this week was on Tuesday. It wasn't terrible, but could have been better.

Here is to hoping I get back on track this week!

Monday: 1.5 mile run with Bandit
Tuesday: 3.1 mile run
Wednesday: Off day
Thursday: 1.4 mile walk with Bandit
Friday: Off
Saturday: 2 mile walk with Bandit
Sunday: Personal training session, 2 mile walk with Bandit

Weekly Totals: 10 miles (4.6 miles running,  5.4 miles walking)

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