Monday Mileage

30 March, 2015

There is no way around it.

This week has been tough.

I think the worst part about an injury, big or small, is dealing with the mental setbacks that come along with it. All week I have been fighting (and losing) the battle against eating my feelings. It's been ridiculous and has done nothing to make me feel better.

And to top things off, I've decided to call it quits with my trainer. I've tried. I really have. Three months worth of trying and it just isn't working. As much as I like her, I need someone who intimidates me, at least a little. I still have the workouts Drew gave me and along with some of the other exercises she's been having me do, I should be o.k. I just need to push myself to actually do them.

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Off
Wednesday: 1.5 mile walk with Bandit
Thursday: 1.25 mile walk with Bandit
Friday: Off
Saturday: 1.25 mile walk with Bandit
Sunday: Personal training session, 8 miles on the bike

Weekly Totals:  4 miles (0 miles running, 4 miles walking)

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