Monday Mileage

02 March, 2015

Sundays used to be my ultimate day of rest.

Sleep in a bit. Do a relaxing yoga class. Eat a HUGE breakfast. And just generally lounge the day away.

But now. Sunday's are my BIG fitness days. They used to be Saturdays but now it's Sunday and I kind of dig it. Long(ish) run if I can get to a treadmill, personal training and yoga. It's always a good day.

The rest of the week.....meh.

If Bandit didn't INSIST on daily walks, my ass would have been planted on the couch every day and I wouldn't have even cared.

I'm not complaining about winter, per se, but I am complaining that the temperatures have been 0 or below EVERY DAMN DAY for like 2 weeks. I get it. It's winter. It's northern Michigan. But these temps are killing me.

Literally.....almost....see, when it gets this cold all the salt and sand in the world does nothing to reduce the slippery road conditions. And I paid the price. Or my knees did. I went down HARD, twice on Wednesday and have the golfball sized bruise/knot on my knee to prove it. I'm ready for spring to get here.

The numbers.......
Monday: 1.25 walk with Bandit
Tuesday: 0.5 run on the treadmill from hell (it is stuck at a permanent 3% incline which is fine but not allowed until my ankle situation is healed), 6.25 miles on the bike (I hate the bike....HATE IT), 2 mile run with Bandit
Wednesday: 2 mile run with Bandit
Thursday: Personal training session
Friday: 2 mile walk with Bandit
Saturday: Nadda
Sunday: 2.4 miles on the elliptical, Personal training session, yoga class

Weekly Totals: 7.75 miles (4.5 miles running,  3.25 miles walking)

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