Monday Mileage: Hitting the Pause Button

23 March, 2015

I've decided that I shouldn't get too excited when things start to go well because something will, inevitably, go wrong.

The cold weather we've been having since November has finally started to let up.

Last week, we actually hit 50 degrees. Can you even imagine?! I was even over dressed during Monday's run and had to ditch my jacket halfway in. It was a dang heatwave and it was glorious!

Let's recap shall we......

Monday: 2.25 mile run, 1.45 mile walk with Bandit
Ah Monday. Such a wonderful day. The sun was shining. The birds were singing and it was a great day for a run. I felt AMAZING. I was pretty excited that I was able to run the same "average" pace that I manage on the treadmill, especially since there were a lot of hills involved.

Tuesday: 2.15 mile walk with Bandit
The plan was to run solo first and then take Bandit for a walk. But Bandit wasn't having any of it. He's a big dog and I have learned that sometimes it is best to just give in and take him for a walk, rather than fight him. Off we went and at about mile 1 Bandit decided he'd had enough and attempted to get me to turn around (he likes to herd people like they are his sheep) causing me to trip and tweaking something in my foot. After a little icing and soaking when we got home, it felt pretty good and didn't think much of it.

Foot was a little sore but no big deal. It was a scheduled "off" day anyway as I was having a night out with friends.

Thursday: 2.15 mile walk with Bandit
Foot was pretty sore when I woke up, but it seemed to get better throughout the day if I kept stretching it. The walk was a nice leisurely stroll and didn't seem to bother it too much. I even tested it out with a short run and it seemed to feel o.k.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Nadda
Friday is when things really started to hurt and when I really started to worry. I cancelled my personal training and yoga sessions I had scheduled for Sunday. I started a regular schedule of icing and keeping it elevated. And kept my fingers crossed that this is nothing more than a strain and that I am freaking out for no reason at all. There was little to no walking Friday, Saturday OR Sunday.

Thankfully I already had an appointment scheduled with McDreamy to pick up my new orthotics and talk about how I should progress with my running/training. Hopefully with a little time off, the new orthotics and whatever else he suggestions I'll be back on the road, training for my first race in May!

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