Lookback: February '15

01 March, 2015

One thing is for sure, February was a RIDICULOUSLY cold month.

I mean, come on?! It's a sad day when you're excited that it is 20 degrees out.

Regardless, with the exception of a few things I'm not at liberty to share in a public forum, it wasn't too bad of a month.

I went to London (Ontario) for work which was a nice change of pace and scenery.

I ran my first official 5k!

I read The Rosie Project, which I LOVED even if I am a terrible book reviewer. I'm always afraid I'm going to give something away.

I didn't do so well with either of my February fitness/yoga projects. BUT, even though I didn't manage to finish the 30 days of push-ups, it's o.k. I actually made it one of my goals to work on with my trainer. So while I might not be able to do 30 standard push ups, I can do 25 of them if I am elevated a bit, so I'm calling that a win. And as for the yoga portion of the month, it just didn't happen. But at least I've learned some new flows that have been extremely helpful and fun!

My appointments with McDreamy continue! But there is no bone spur, no need for radical treatments. I just need to work on strengthening my feet and ankles, stretch more and am anxiously awaiting my new orthotics which should also help.

As for my miles for the month, it was truly dreadful. I really only managed about 35 miles, but that doesn't include the days I was relegated to riding the bike, so there is that. But the breakdown looks a little like this:
Running: 18
Walking: 21
Total: 39 miles

Needless to say, I need to get back on to some sort of a schedule. And for the temperatures to warm up a touch. 

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