Virtual 5k

25 February, 2015


I've done it!

I've run my first race.

About a week and a half ago I wrote about signing up for my first 5k, which just happened to be a virtual 5k. I had planned on running it the following weekend when I was in London (Ontario, not England) but freakishly cold temperatures (it was -20 degrees out*) and my inability to figure out the treadmill at the hotel gym (seriously....there were two of them and I couldn't get EITHER of them to work) put the big hammer down on that idea.

And then when I got home from said trip, the freakishly cold weather followed me and then work and so yeah......the running didn't happen.


On Sunday, before my personal training session, I stepped on the treadmill and ran my first "official" 5k!

I've decided for the the virtual races that I signed myself up for, since I'm not running against anyone, I need to set some goals for myself. For my first "race" I wanted to finish in under 34 minutes. I felt like that was a good place to start--I knew I could run it and not feel like I was overdoing it, but also not feel like I was "phoning it in".

Even though I missed my goal by 3 seconds, I was still pretty excited about my run. I felt great during my run and afterwards. It's the first one I've done in a few weeks that didn't leave my achillies tendon sore and tight.

I have one more virtual race that I've signed up for that I need to run in the next few weeks. I'm still working on my goal for that one, but am definitely looking forward to logging it in the books!

Have you run a virtual race before?

What about race goals? How do you come up with yours?

*Authors Note: It should be noted that the Sunday morning I was in London, when the temperature read -20 degrees, when I arrived at event location, they were also host a race. With runners. People running outside. And they didn't look miserable. 

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