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13 February, 2015

This weekend I am off to London for work. London, Ontario.....not England. I'm definitely looking forward to getting out of town for a few days and seeing a city I've never visited before.

My 2nd visit with McDreamy didn't go quite as well as the first visit. He thinks I may, in fact, have a bone spur. I had to go back for a second set of x-rays (the first set were too high, but good to know my tibia and fibia are perfect!) to make sure, but he's fairly confident that's what it is. I go back next week to find out the results. Thankfully though, he said I could still run as long as there isn't any pain but that I am to stop IMMEDIATELY if I feel any discomfort.

I've decided to turn my (S)he Said What?! post into a series. The hits just keep coming from folks and some are too good not to share.

I've finally made a decision and have stopped waffling over the whole "to have a personal trainer or to not have a personal trainer" thing. I've have come to accept that D was an exceptionally hard trainer and that I'd have to switch gyms to find that again. So, I'm sticking with the new trainer and have ditched the worry that I'm going to hurt her feelings if I tell her I need to increase the weight or can do more reps.

I had to buy new pants again this week, which I must say is becoming an annoyingly frequent thing. This time, instead of going down just one size, I went down two sizes in hopes that these last me a bit longer than a month. Because when your skinny jeans are baggy, it's just not a good look.

I also ordered myself another pair of FUN running shoes. McDreamy suggested I have 2 pair of shoes in rotation and if a doctor says I need to buy another pair of shoes, one must follow doctors orders! I'm not sure the same applies to the running jacket, hat and headband I ordered but I mean if you're going to order one thing, you might as well just order all the things to save on deliveries. I'm just doing my part to help save the planet. 

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