Monday Mileage

23 February, 2015

Motivation has been hard to find these days.

The frigid winter temperatures and ridiculous amounts of snowfall have put a wee damper on things.

Poor Bandit has been cooped up in the house for days because it's too cold for him to be outside for long periods of time (sub-zero wind chill temps for days at a time do not make for a happy dog).

I am happy to say though that my training sessions have been getting better. We set some goals which has helped to keep things moving in the right direction. They seem pretty small, but right now it's working on a full push-up and pull-up. Needless to say, my arms have been jell-o.

Monday: 1.7 mile walk with Bandit
Tuesday: Personal training session, 1.8 mile walk with Bandit
Wednesday: Shovel snow, for a hour. Totally counting that as strength training
Thursday: Personal training session
Friday: More shoveling
Saturday: 2 mile walk with Bandit
Sunday: 3.1 mile run, Personal training session, yoga class. 1.4 mile walk with Bandit

Weekly Totals: 10 miles (3.1 miles running,  6.9 miles walking)

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