Monday Mileage

16 February, 2015

The plague has gone! The plague has gone! be mostly healthy again. What a wondrous thing.

I still have a little sniffle left behind from my cold, but otherwise things are good.

And most importantly, I can breath again while running. Being able to do that is kind of a big deal.

Speaking of a big deal, I hit a milestone thing week. On Tuesday, I ran my full run without walking. Can I get a whoop! whoop!

Last week Bandit and I started adding short runs to our walks---mostly me dragging him for the first half of our walk and then us sprinting home. For a dog who FREAKS OUT if you even look at a pair of running shoes (that is his signal we're going for a walk), getting him AWAY from the house is ridiculously difficult.

Anyway.....I noticed that when I'd run with him, I didn't worry about how slow or fast we were running. As long as we were running, I was happy. I also noticed it was a lot easier to find a comfortable pace (even when running hills), a pace where I didn't feel like I was overdoing it or like I needed to do more.

Rather than push myself on the treadmill, I've been setting the pace as the same one I've been running with Bandit.

Here is what this past week looked like......

Monday: 2 mile walk with Bandit
Tuesday: 3 mile run
Wednesday: 2.57 mile run
Thursday: 1.25 mile walk with Bandit, Personal training session
Friday: Zilch. Traveling for work which meant driving all day, setting up for the weekend and then crashing at the hotel.
Saturday: 10 miles on the bike before working a 9 hour event for work
Sunday: Nadda. Worked the event, tore down the booth, crashed in the hotel room.

Weekly Totals:  6.8 miles miles ( 5.5 miles running,  3.3 miles walking)

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