Monday Mileage

02 February, 2015

This was not a great week.

And I know not every week is going to be great, it's just this week felt particularly off because that's what happens when you get sick.

Monday was o.k except my pants are too big and kept falling down.
Tuesday I forgot a sports bra so it was a forced "easy" day.
Wednesday's run was 'meh'.
Thursday's personal training session was also 'meh' thanks to an incoming cold and I kind of feel like I phoned it in rather than pushing myself.
Friday and Saturday were not great walks with Bandit because of the dang cold.
And Sunday I cancelled my training and yoga sessions and barely made it through 15 minutes of restorative yoga so I didn't feel like a complete slob.

The one constant this week was that I ate all the food. And when I say all the food, I mean. All. The. FOOD. I felt like a bottomless pit and didn't care about whether or not I was eating well. There wasn't a single moment of "Oooh...that might not be the best choice" and I didn't care--a sure sign that an impending illness was upon us.

It is something I need to work on, though. It's been one of my biggest downfalls lately and I know one of the reasons I have felt so off in my training sessions.

Monday: 3 mile run
Tuesday: 1.3 miles on elliptical, 1 mile walk on the treadmill
Wednesday: 3.1 mile run
Thursday: Personal training session
Friday: 1.7 mile walk with Bandit
Saturday 2 mile walk with Bandit
Sunday: 15 minutes of yoga at home

Weekly Totals: 10.8 miles (6.1 miles running, 4.7 miles walking)

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