(S)he Said What?!

28 January, 2015

We've all had those moments, interactions, with folks we know, we've met a few times and total strangers that leave us shaking our heads asking, "Did they really just say/ask that?!".

Lots of time the comments, questions or just general statements that seem to come out of no where revolve around our appearance or what people see or what people think they know about us.

Until recently, I've always been able to "fade to the back of the room" so to speak, never really standing out leaving me pretty immune to comments being made. I'm sure things were said and I never heard them, but recently that has all changed.

I've written about it before (many, many times) that there has been an inability on the part of other to see well beyond my obvious weightloss. They are shocked when I tell them I know really know how much I've lost (there is a ballpark number that is about 2 months old), I don't know how many inches I've reduced my waist by and I don't care. I can tell them until I am blue in the face that this isn't about that and that I don't want to talk about my body.

But that has not stopped the comments, conversations and questions that have been swirling around me lately. Some have been funny, some sincere & kind and others downright rude and completely ridiculous.

I thought I'd share some of my "favorite" things that I've overheard, have been told and asked over the last few months:

--Have your boobs gotten smaller?
Err....well, yes they have. They were the first to volunteer as Tribute. Thanks for noticing?

--You're ass looks great!
I know. I've got a great ass.

--How much have you lost? Like really, how many pounds? 
I've lost track of how many times I've been asked this one.

--You look tremendous!
This one wins as my favorite for originality and creativity by way of a word that doesn't get used very often.

--She has lost a ton of weight! I wonder how much more she wants to lose.
Overheard this one at the gym. Because we can never lose enough weight, can we?

--I don't what what you've been doing, but you look great!
Awesome thank you. I appreciate it.
Did you have weightloss surgery? *womp womp*
This one has been the toughest one to deal with. And not because I hadn't thought about having the surgery done in the past. Believe me, the conversations with my doctor had been had and were moving right along. And I totally support anyone who has or wants to have it done. It just wasn't the right decision for me. But honestly.....who says that to someone?! It's the first time I've walked away from someone fighting the tears because it felt like she in that 15 seconds devalued everything about me and my hard work.

--Are you working for something? Like you're wedding, I didn't know you were engaged!
So....wha? The only thing I might be working towards is a wedding. Seriously? Nope, just training to be badass.

It's been interesting hearing everyone (and I mean EVERYONES) take on this journey.

In a way, I can't wait to hear what they have to say next!

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