New Goals & Monday Mileage

05 January, 2015

Two for one deal on this post only! More bang for your buck, I say!

Part 1:
As a writer, I have no shortage of journals and notebooks laying about the place, so I decided to turn one into my training log for 2015. When I sat down to write out my original goals for the year, seeing them in the place I'd be "tracking them" didn't really cause a moment of inspiration or even an inkling of "I've got this". So, I re-evaluated and came up with a revised set of goals for 2015!

--Log between 500-750 miles for the year: Originally, it was 500 miles for the year but considering Bandit and I head out for at least a mile every day, 500 wasn't much of a "go get 'em tiger!" kind of number. Plus, I know there will be some days at a time where I don't log anything and some of these miles will be walking rather than running so that number needed to increase to encompass all mileage. So, 500-750 it is!
--Yoga 4 to 6 times a week: Daily was a little over zealous. But that's o.k. This is feasible.
--Learn and hold baby grasshopper and crow: Bring on a strong core and upper body!
--Strength Train 3 to 5 times a week: Riiiiight. I am claiming the 5th on why this wasn't included before.
--Run my first races!: This is the only that didn't change. At all.
--Complete a fitness challenge each month: What can I say? I get bored. I need a good challenge. In January I'm doing a 30 day plank challenge, which by the way sucks! I am happy to getting it out of the way first thing! I'll definitely do a squat challenge again, pushups for sure another but beyond that I'm not sure. Anyone else have a 30 day challenge they did and somewhat enjoyed?

They aren't too different than before, but enough that I feel like I have given myself a little more direction.

Part 2:
I've never really been great at having a "series" on my blog, but we're going to give it a try! Each Monday, in an attempt to hold myself accountable, I'll check in with my weekly mileage/workouts and all that good stuff. I'm hoping it helps to keep my on track. I have some things planned for this fall that count on it!

So without further adieu, here is my first week:
Monday: 2.06 miles
Tuesday: 1.55 miles
Wednesday: off
Thursday (Happy 2015!!): 6 miles, 25 minutes of yoga
Friday: 2 miles, 20 minutes of yoga
Saturday: 3 miles, 25 minutes of yoga/strength training
Sunday: 2.75 miles

Mileage for the Week: 17.35 miles

Lots of miles which is great. I'm looking forward to getting back in the gym to get some good long runs in without the fear of falling on my butt.

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