Monday Mileage

19 January, 2015

Again, yoga took a bit of a backseat this week. I've been working in a few yoga flows after each run but none of them "felt" long enough to be noteworthy.

I started back with a trainer this week. I'm still trying to get my thoughts together about it, so that'll be a post later this week.

As for the running, I felt mostly great this week. Tuesday and Thursday were a bit of a struggle--Tuesday I was just plain exhausted and Thursday I wasn't feeling so hot, but I powered through. And felt better for doing so. I do need to figure out how to pace myself better. As I said last week, the faster I run the more comfortable I feel, it's just that I can't keep it up for the whole run. I had planned on running 4 miles on Friday, but by the 3rd I was spent and I know it's because I ran the first 2 miles too fast.

The highlight of the week though was Monday. When I started my run I figured if I could finish 4 miles in 48 minutes that would be great. I'm still taking walk breaks so I feel pretty good about a 12 minute mile, especially at that distance (especially for this newbie runner). But after the first mile I was feeling pretty good and decided to set a goal of finishing in 45 minutes. It took a ridiculous "sprint" at the end but I finished my 4 miles in 44:37. I was pretty excited. There may have been some no-so-subtle fistpumping on the treadmill.

My week:
Monday: 4 mile run (whoop! whoop!), 1.25 walk with Bandit
Tuesday: 2.33 mile run
Wednesday: 1.6 mile walk with Bandit
Thursday: 3.5 mile run, 1.35 walk with Bandit
Friday: 3.1 mile run
Saturday: 1.5 mile walk with Bandit
Sunday: 1.8 mile walk with Bandit

Weekly Totals: 20 miles (12.93 miles running, 7.5 walking)

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