14 January, 2015

Let's be honest.

I would be lost, LOST I tell you, without my iPhone. The dang thing is practically another appendage, but as much as I wish I didn't depend on it quite so much, it has become irreplaceable when it comes to keeping me on track and motivated to workout.

I thought I'd share some of my favorite apps that I've been using to keep track of everything and to keep me moving!

Zombie's Run!

I started using the app earlier this fall when I started running outside and was having a heck of a time "getting in the zone". This app has been a fun way to get in the groove while running outside (especially when running hills). Because I also only use it when running outside, "wanting to know what happens next!" helps to push me out the front door. You can listen to your own tunes while saving the world and the GPS is pretty accurate so it tracks my time, miles and pace which is handy.

Rock My Run

I've seen lots of folks post links to their running playlists using services like Spotify and even Pandora has some pretty great cardio playlists for running. I've used them both in the past and Pandora is a staple at the office, but let's be honest--I'm lazy and don't want to labor over putting together a playlist for the gym. Enter, Rock My Run. I've used this app for the the last week or so and it is fantastic. I love that I can sort and pick out mixes based on bmp. It has definitely helped to keep me going on the treadmill.

Daily Mile & Nike +

I may be a wee bit of an over achiever but I actually log my miles in two places. Weird. I know. Previous to using the Zombies, Run app, I used the Nike+ app for all my runs (inside and out) and bought the Nike Fuel Band to keep me motivated and moving (and it makes for a cool watch). I LOVE the Nike+ app and fuel band, but I also needed a place to log other workouts (yoga, strength training, etc.) which is why I started using Daily Mile as well. I can import my runs/walks from Nike+ and it keeps everything nice and tidy.

Lose It!

I started using this app seriously when I started training with Drew. Everything gets logged here (food and activities), but the only thing I actually pay attention to is how much protein I eat a day. The rest of the numbers, while interesting, aren't really of much concern to me.

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