Wanna Be Yogi

20 December, 2014

I have been practicing yoga on and off since my early 20s.

Previously, my "sessions" had been done solo using a dvd, YouTube or most recently Hulu. It was o.k. but I never really felt like I was getting much out of it.

But a few months ago, following a suggestion by Drew, I started attending a yoga class at my gym to supplement my training sessions.

Taking a class made a HUGE difference in how I approached my yoga practice and how I felt afterwards.

I quickly found that even though I was only going once a week, my whole body felt "off" if I missed a class.  Those extra stretches and holding poses were doing wonders for my flexibility (I've always has ridiculously tight hamstrings) and  taking that time to focus inward and being present in the moment was helping my overall mood.

Recently, I have started doing yoga at home again. For 30 to 45 minutes in the evening, I have been working through sessions to help keep my legs loose and fresh after a run. Thanks to my very helpful yoga instructor, I have also started working on putting my own sessions/sequences together to focus on the areas I need to work on the most.

It has been an amazing experience learning the benefits of each pose, how the poses fit together and how to move from pose to pose. It has definitely made me look at my practice in a whole new way and where I want to go with is in the future.

And yes, drawing out each sequence using stick figures is a pretty fun bonus to this project!

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