Bring It, 2015!

29 December, 2014

Hello dear readers!

It's been awhile.

Can you even believe that 2015 is literally right around the corner?

Two days until a clean slate, if you believe in that kind of thing?

I, begrudgingly do.

I think it is safe to say 2014 was an interesting year.

Lots of growth, reflection, learning, disappointment, love, loss and a whole lot of laughter.

Looking back, there isn't much I would change. Maybe a few moments where I should have overcome a some fear and insecurity and said some things I wish I had, but all in all, things happen for a reason. And I have to believe that with 100% of my heart.

But looking forward!

I have to believe that 2015 is going to be nothing but a great year. It's what we make of it, right?

Blogging: You may be thinking, "But Meg? I thought you moved?" Touche, dear reader. I did. Kind of. I've yet to sort out how to mesh my worlds together. There is this one here, which I love but let's just address the big white elephant in the room. Things got a little depressing, hence feeling like I needed a new space, a clean slate if you will. But I missed blogging here (weird, right?). So I will have 2 places. Exhale & Be will be for all that fitness, wellness, running, yoga stuff. And this will be for everything else. There will absolutely be some crossover--it's pretty unavoidable. And maybe someday I'll feel comfortable enough to have one space for everything, but one only needs to sit through a handful of dinners/outings with friends who pick up their cellphones or change the subject when you try to talk about the amazing yoga sequence or training session you put together for yourself to realize it isn't everyones cup of tea. And that is o.k. So for those who want to follow along with that part of my life, I'm ecstatic to have you along for the ride. But for those who aren't interested, that is o.k., too!

Resolutions: I don't do them. I know it is just a game of semantics, but I prefer suggestions instead. It feels less intimidating for some reason. This year I kept it pretty simple:
*Practice yoga & mediate daily
*Eat healthier
*In bed by 10pm and up by 6am
*Write more
*Log 500 miles and run my first race(s)

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