Tid Bits: Fresh Start

09 November, 2014

Oiy vey.

It's been a roller coaster this weekend. So damn many ups and downs.

I think it's time for a fresh start.

Thankful // I still stand firm when I say I am not an inspiration. That isn't what I am trying to be. To me that just seems like too much pressure. But I am thankful and extremely grateful for those who have been nothing but supportive and especially to a childhood friend who reached out this weekend. For all the struggles I've been having, knowing that I'm not alone in how I internalize some of this stuff is incredible because sometimes, you need a community, even if it is from afar.

On My Own // Yesterday was my last session with D. Who knows if I will ever see him again. And that, I do believe, is the worst part of this. I am definitely feeling the loss of a friend and support system. But I know this day would have eventually happened anyway so I suppose it's better that it happened now instead of later. I dunno. I'm going for silver linings here, folks. Anyway, Tuesday will be my first official solo workout (cardio doesn't count) and I'm super worried. No spotter. No one to tell me to gut out another rep. No one to tell me that I can, in fact, use the 35lbs barbell and not the 20lbs. *sigh* I know in the long run I'll be just fine, but right now this all seems impossible. BUT I'm going to get through it and prove to myself just how strong I am.

Self-Love Renegade Brigade // Do ya'll read Amy Morby's blog, Amy the Heretic? No? Well might I suggest you do and while you're at it, might I suggest joining the Self-Love Renegade Brigade and pledge to
Be kind to yourself.
Talk to yourself the way you’d talk to your best friend.
Shut down negative body talk the second it happens.
Help your fellow sisters shut down that same negative body talk when it happens.  

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