Gray Skies Are Gonna Clear Up

07 November, 2014

Oh readers.

I know. I know.

I keep pointing it out........keeping reminding everyone and myself that it has been a rough few weeks.

But learning to acknowledge that things aren't sunshine and roses it good for the soul.

Aaaaaaaand it means things will get better.

I just need to trust that things will get better.

Here are a few things that are in fact making life a little bit brighter right......

One of my best friends of mine and I are off to a fitness class together Monday night. A pole fitness class to be exact. We did a similar class when we were in Vegas and had a lot of fun. I'm really looking forward to adding this class into my fitness program. It's going to be awesome getting in a good workout while working on my moves.

This past week we had a stress management seminar at work which included a section on facing our emotions and not being afraid of them. It was a bit difficult keeping my shit together as my emotions have been all over the place, but it was a section I needed to hear. Because yes, it is o.k. to actually have emotions and times in your life when you feel vulnerable.

Learning to "let go" and allowing others to in has been a far more positive experience than I had expected. Not that I knew what to expect really. It's just that I have never wanted to be a burden to my friends and family, but allowing myself to open up and to be vulnerable has been amazing and incredibly healing.

I am also happy to add that I've established a pretty awesome "phone-a-friend" connection this week. As mentioned above, reaching out is tough for me. And even if it hadn't worked out, asking the question was a win for me. The person saying "Yes, whatever you need" was a bonus.

Because of my ridicules fitness regime these last few months (honestly, who needs to log 600+ minutes a week at the gym?!), my meditation practice has been put on the back burner. But things are changing (drastically) which means that nightly ritual is coming back and I welcome it with open arms. 

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