Exhale & Be: Finding Balance

28 November, 2014

I've been thinking quite a bit lately about ditching the blog.

Not blogging in itself, but this particular blog.

I even have another one set up and kind of ready to go that I like.

Because something shiny and new is always the way to go when you are struggling to find your voice. Right?!

The struggle I am having right now is balancing who I was when I started writing here and who I am now.

We are very much two different people and I often find myself wondering if we are too different. If what I want to write about now and what I want to share now is too different from where I started and what people expect.

The last part of that sentence is where that struggle lives.

"What people expect....."

Not that I've been sharing any great bits of wisdom here lately or really anything terribly interesting, but that's kind of the point. I no longer know what to write here. I no longer know what I should or shouldn't share, which is all kinds of ridiculous. But all kinds of the point as well. I need separate spaces. This one but somewhere else that is dedicated simply to this new, weird and emotionally charged journey I now find myself on.

And yes, the internal struggle of whether or not keeping two spaces seems disingenuous was and continues to be real, but I'll get over it.

And that's why I've created Exhale & Be. A new space to share this new journey that I find myself on. One, that when I started sharing here was still fun and exciting, but has now turned into something bigger, more transformative. And it just feels different. It feels more personal and like it needs it's only place to live, breathe and grow.

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