Drop it Like a Squat

30 November, 2014

I'd thought about doing some big long intro about why I decided to start this blog, what I wanted this space to be and blah, blah, blah.

But we'll get there. There are still bits of that story I am trying to give a voice to. And when that time comes, then I'll be happy to share what prompted this journey.

Until then, we're just going to dive right in.

I've always been leery of those monthly exercise challenges.

I don't know why.

They are kind of a great way to kick start a little competition with yourself to motivate yourself to try something new. And honestly, sometimes it is just easier to not have to think about what needs to be done and have that "plan" already done for you.

Now that I'm working out on my own (oh the sadness of no longer be working with D) each month I'm going to commit to one of these monthly challenges. Just to see what it is all about.

One of the things I learned while working with my trainer is that I LOVE squats. Ridiculous, I know. But I could do them until the cows come home. Regular squats. Split squats. Jumping split squats. LOVE THEM.

For the month of December I'm going to be doing the a Squat Circuit Challenge. Starting tomorrow, I'll be working my way to 4 weeks to 200 squats! I have a feeling that on day 30 I'm going to wish I never decided to do this challenge, but we'll see. I'm always a big fan of proving myself wrong!


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