Adventures with D: The Last Goodbye

08 November, 2014


Never though this would be a post I would actually be writing.

Or at least not from this angle.

Today is my last session with D.

And I am all kinds of heartbroken about it.

I know I've mentioned over the last few weeks that I was thinking about tossing in the towel. It's true. I've been on an exhausting emotional rollercoaster and didn't know if I could keep going.

But I did and when I met with him earlier this week, I felt like I was back on track and back to where I needed and wanted to be.

Unfortunately, in the same session he told me he was leaving. That is the one bright side of the whole situation--he's not firing me as a client, but leaving the fitness center where we train together. Knowing that makes me feel slightly better, but not really.

I obviously want nothing but the best for him, but I've shed quite a few tears over the whole thing.

I know that I'm the one who has put in all the hard work: logging the hours at the gym, being diligent with making positive changes when it comes to nutrition and allowing myself to trust and believe him when he assured me I could do something I was pretty convinced I could never do. But NONE OF THAT would have happened without him.

He has been a MASSIVE part of my "success" and I am not being melodramatic when I say I don't know how I am going to do any of this without him.

I feel like I am losing more than just a personal trainer. I am losing my support system and a friend.

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