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21 September, 2014

Apparently an almost three week sabbatical from the blog is just what the doctor ordered!

Not really.

Life has just been really, really busy and twice as frustrating.

But on this glorious Sunday afternoon, three friends of mine and I are making the trip from our homes in northern Michigan to Detroit, so that tomorrow morning we can fly out to Las Vegas! Needless to say I've been singing Viva Las Vegas all weekend.

Anticipating // Obviously the numero uno on my list of "CAN'T WAIT!!" is actually getting to Vegas. I'm so ready for this vacation. More for just getting out of dodge than the location, but it's going to be one fun trip!

Loving // I never thought I'd say this, but out of everything going on in my life right  now, the ONE this I look forward to the most are my workouts. I mean really......when did I become the girl that loves going to the gym and getting her sweat on? But I do! I'm there 5 or 6 days a week, busting my ass and it's glorious. I feel 100 times better for doing it. Side note: this last week I've been swatted with a towel more times than I had collectively over my entire lifetime.

Loving V2.0 // One of the perks of working where I do is that we have a spa and we get some pretty smoking deals as employees. I've been embracing that perk recently and may in fact be turning into a spa regular. This morning I am having a facial and I am already counting down the days until my next massage which may or may not be happening in Vegas.

Crocheting // Since fall has arrived, I've busted into my yarn stash and starting a new project! I'm currently trying my had at a chunky sweater but thus far haven't made a whole lot of progress on it. I've of course made a few modifications which is why this seemingly simple project is taking me FOREVER to finish, but I am enjoying the process and that it's allowed me to get back into crocheting. I've definitely missed it.

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