Adventures with D: Time Out

06 September, 2014

I didn't meet with D at all this week.

And it was weird.

Due to a wonky work schedule and then him having to reschedule, both of my sessions this past week did not happen. And it threw both of those days off.

The first missed day generally includes an hour hike and then a hour training session. Yes, I want to pass out from total exhaustion by the time we are done but it's that good kind of exhaustion that makes you feel like you've accomplished something. The only thing I did end up accomplishing that day was to eat my way through the day. Despite taking Bandit on two relatively longs walks it just wasn't the same.

The second missed day, due to rescheduling needs on his part, was o.k. I still took myself to the gym and tried to push myself but again, not quite up to snuff.

So what did I learn this week?

I learned that I DEFINITELY need someone pushing me to my limits and then a little bit more.

Here's to getting back on track next week!

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