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31 August, 2014

Obsession // The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well.....I HAVE a problem. Honestly, we needs not one, not two but seven....SEVEN pair of running shoes, when said person isn't even running. I had not intention of buying another pair while I was doing a quick search, you know, just to see what was out there. But when your FAVORITE pair of shoes is on sale for $36, you have to buy them, right?!

Baseball Mania // September baseball is literally right around the corner and I have to say, I think it is in fact, slightly more stressful than October baseball. Sure, when your favorite team is playing October baseball it means there is a legitimate chance that they will be bringing home a World Series title, but GETTING there is far more stressful, especially with those dang Kansas City Royals breathing down the necks of the Detroit Tigers. Sure, we all joked at the beginning of the season that the Royals with be the Tigers biggest competition in the Central but this is all a little too close to comfort.

Giant Green Monster // I know. I know. No one likes to be jealous of anything. But the giant green monster of jealously has reared its ugly head within me and I HATE IT. Like, "I hate being around myself because of it" hate it. Friends keep telling me that "it's normal", that I "shouldn't freak out about it" and that "everyone goes through it, it's not a big deal" but is a big deal to me because being jealous of another human because of a dude is so not cool in my book. No matter who you are. 

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