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17 August, 2014

I Told You So // Those were the words spoken to me yesterday by my dear personal trainer when I stepped on the scale and saw a pretty drastic decrease on the number staring back at me. It's not that I didn't think it would happen. It's just that I've become so disillusioned about the concept of weight loss thanks to failure after failure, I needed to see it before I would even consider believing it. And I'm still not sure I do, but he assures me it happened so I'm just going to go with that for now.

Yarn Fever // I don't know if it is the fall like weather we have been experiences, but I have been itching to get out the yarn and crochet hooks. A couple weeks ago I pulled out a long forgotten afghan project which has been fun, but a slow process. I may start perusing Ravelry and Pinterest to see about finding some fun fall cowl or scarf patterns to satisfy my need for instant gratification.

Knitting // Speaking of yarn fever, I have been thinking about giving knitting a try again. I've come across some super cute patterns that are knit but haven't been able to find an equivalent in crochet, so we'll see. It may once again just be a pipe dream that gets put on the back burner.

Frustration Station // I get we all have our own thing, but you know what really chaps my ass? When you are REALLY excited about something and your friend (or in this case friends) shit all over it because "it's not something they would do" or "it's definitely not something they would like". Got it. We like different things and to do different stuff, so just say "Hey, good for you!" and move the eff on. 

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