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03 August, 2014

Slacker // I'm a wee bit behind on my 365 photo project. Photos have been taken, just not uploaded. So maybe this week I'll manage to get to that and get the project organized again.

Leverage // Good gravy I love this show. I've been having mini-marathons as I make my way through the seasons and it's been awesome. But really.....who doesn't love Timothy Hutton.

Fur Friend // Today I am headed to the local animal shelter to visit with some of the dogs. If you would have asked me how I felt about this on Friday, I would have told you I was TOTALLY ready for a new friend. But this morning, I'm not so sure. It was hard to put away Sadie's favorite toys and blankets last night as I got the space ready for a new friend. I'm sure my heart will melt when I get there (there is a sweet older dog pulling at the heartstrings) but this morning has the potential to be a massive rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Food Issues // D has been giving me suggestions on what I should and shouldn't eat since I started meeting with him for my personal training sessions. I TOTALLY get that without good nutrition and blah blah blah I won't get to where I want to be and yadda yadda yadda. That's all find and dandy but this girl has got a seriously unhealthy relationship with food already and I've NO IDEA HOW TO TELL HIM. But I have to figure that out because the next time he tells me that the bagel I had was a bad idea, I'm going to snap.

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