Tid Bits: Bandit Edition

10 August, 2014

Dog Whisperer // Bandit has some "issues" when it comes to other dogs coming into this turf. I'm quite positive that once the "newness" of being in his forever home wears off it won't be quite so dramatic. Thankfully it's nothing serious, just really mouthy and loud as he stands next to me, but to make sure it doesn't turn into anything more, I have been making my way through Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer episodes on Hulu for some tips/ideas. Such good stuff.

Dog Toys // Bandit has started to come out of his shell and has dug into the toy bucket. But unfortunately, he'll only play with his toys until he chews down on a squeaker. Once there is a squeak, he's done. So, this weekend I took some of the scrap yarn that I have from all my random project and whipped him up a new toy to play with. Thus far he's totally ignored it but maybe someday it'll peak his interest.

I'm That Dog Owner // So.......I may have turned into that dog owner who will be forcing her dog to wear a bandana and have his own Instagram account. What can I say.....he loves the camera WAY more than Sadie did so I need to take advantage of it while I can. Should anyone wish to follow along on Bandit's adventures, you can do so here: Daily Bandit.

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