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27 July, 2014

Living Alone // Even though I've been "on my own", sans roommates for 7 years, this has been the first week since I've truly lived by myself. It's been a tough transition from coming home to Sadie greeting me at the door to coming home to a quiet, empty house.

Animal Adoption // Admittedly, it seems odd to be looking at Petfinder for a new friend so soon, but I think I'll be adding a new member to the family sooner than later. There are so many pooches out there who need homes and I certainly have the space in my heart and my home for one. There are already a couple pulling at the heartstrings but adoption of either one will require a conversation with the rest of the family.

Apple Cider What // This "trend" has popped up on a few of the blogs I follow as well as a suggestion from D.....drinking Apple Cider vinegar first thing in the morning. Umm......what?! People actually drink this stuff, on purpose? No flipping way is that happening in my world. I don't care what it is diluted in.

Underwhelmed // I know I don't have a high opinion of the Fifty Shades series to begin with, but the trailer for the movie looks awful. I told a friend the way it is set up makes it sound like it is going to be a slasher film or someone is going to get whacked within the first 20 minutes. IF I ever watch it, it will be a rental. 

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