Tid Bits

13 July, 2014

Small Town // I know this happens everywhere, but living in such a small community is a constant reminder how small the world really and how connected we all are without knowing it.

All Star Break // I never quite know what to do with myself during the All Star break for MLB. It's a weird pre-cursor to the off-season and I don't like it.

Soup // The other day I had the WORST craving for white bean chili. In the middle of July. Because that's a normal thing to crave in the middle of summer.

Viva Las Vegas // There are only 70 days until friends and I leave for Las Vegas. But honestly, who is counting?

Kitchen Fail // As much as I love to cook, I apparently don't know the basics of cooking. As in, I just had to Google "How will you know when a hard boiled egg is properly hard boiled".

Happy Sunday y'all!

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