Adventures with D: I Hate Planks

26 July, 2014

I think it goes without saying that this has been a pretty rough week.

Everyday my heart hurts a little less, but it still feels like huge part of me is missing. I know it's going to take some time, but I miss my little dude.
144/365 2014.05.24

One of the things I have found that has really helped is throwing myself into my workouts. It's mostly been to exhaust myself (sleep has been at a premium) but it's also been a good outlet to channel all my the anger and frustration I have with losing Sadie (definitely feeling like I didn't do enough for her as a pet owner--ridiculous, I know).

I almost hate to admit it, but last weeks mountain hike with D was actually pretty fun. Except for the section where it was a pretty steep incline, in sand. That wasn't so awesome. My friends and I all decided that a break in that location was the best. But getting to the top and seeing the views was a pretty awesome reward. And in the end it didn't feel like a workout. It just felt like a morning laughing and wandering around with friends. It was kind of an awesome way to start the weekend.

And (double bonus) it made our training session that morning a little bit easier. I wasn't as tired as I had been in previous sessions and even though my legs felt a little like jell-o, my squats were pretty spectacular.

The one thing I did learn this week is that I have an intense hatred of planks. Previous to my time with D, I didn't think they were so bad. But that was before "No, get off your elbows. I want you up on your hand." Yeah. I. HATE. PLANKS.

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