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01 June, 2014

Does anyone else feel like they do the following on the first of each month....

Holy crap! I can't believe *insert respective title of month* is here already!

That is exactly what I did the morning when I realized it was already June 1. Eeesh......time does move fast when you are an adult.

Listening // I have been loving Ray LaMontange's new album Supernova. I think his album Trouble will always be my favorite, but this one is brilliant. I can't wait to see him in concert next month!

Inspired // I have been loving my new sketchbook that I recently bought. I decided to pony up some extra cash and splurged on a Moleskine Watercolor Book. After getting over my initial fear of "ruining it" because I'm not "an artist", I've been filling it with doodles and paintings that I actually love! Mostly pieces inspired by Oana Befort. I stumbled across her illustrations while looking for a print to order for my office and immediately fell in love with her style.

Reading // Nothing. I am only mentioning this because I'm hoping to shame myself into picking up a book to read. The last book I read was The Weirdness by Jeremy Bushnell, but that was way back in April. It was in fact quite weird but SO good which is why I'm having a hard time picking out my next book to read.

Running // Running has been o.k. Last week while running there were a few days where tears were shed as I worked through the funk in my head. As per usual, our weather went from cool and comfortable to HOT. It's been quite an adjustment having to go from running in the 50's to running in the 70's in the matter of days. Hopefully though, I'll get myself on a schedule where early morning runs will be part of my routine again. 

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