Sunday Confessions

15 June, 2014

Radical Self Love Bible // The other day I came across a post from Caylee Grey on her Radical Self Love Bible, which was inspired by a post from Mary England who was working on a project from Gala Darling. Still with me after that bizarre road map? Almost immediately after reading both posts and checking out the e-course, I signed myself up! In the day fews between signing up and waiting for my first prompt (they arrive every Sunday, which is perfect as Sunday is my me day) I've been gathering supplies and writing down notes and quotes. As I work on my Self Love Bible, I'll definitely be sharing my progress and pages as I go along. I can't wait to get started.

Missing Gene // I was apparently born without the gene that makes most girls giddy over designer handbags, sparkly jewelry and weddings. ESPECIALLY weddings.

Early Mornings // I'm trying, quite unsuccessfully I might add, to turn myself into a morning person. My days just seem to go way better when I start them with a run.

Run // I'd like to also add, I am so unbelievably proud of myself I can barely stand it. The last two times I have gone out to run, after my warm-up and cooldown walks, it's been ALL RUNNING. No, the distance hasn't been long, but twice now I've run and no walk breaks to catch my breath. It's all kinds of awesome and I think what I need to help turn things around in the 'ole self love department.

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