Sunday Confessions

08 June, 2014

Oh geez. It's been awhile so I'm going to ease into it with a small list.

This may be making a comeback.

Weight // I did something I had vowed to not do often anymore this week and that was step on the scale. The number staring back at me just about sent me over the edge. Because when you eat healthy and run that sumer is supposed to go DOWN not up. At least that is what all the "experts" and anyone who has never struggled with his or her weight will tell you.

Hide Away // I still can't bring myself to run when other people are around. I cannot get the voice in the back of my head to shut off. All I hear is its constant mocking and judgement that if someone sees me it's an open invitation for their comments and laughter. I know it's ridiculous, but until I figure out how to tune it out or even get rid of it, it's a daily struggle and it's really frustrating.

Art // I decided to splurge and buy myself a Moleskine watercolor book. Normally when I get a new sketchbook (or even journal for writing) I have a heck of a time starting the damn thing because I don't want to "ruin it". But not this time! I love this thing and have been filling the pages with doodles, drawings and paintings. It has been amazing and extremely therapeutic.

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